The SeaCleaners at the Biomim’expo Digital Week 2020.

Yannick Lerat, our Scientific Director, will talk on the 11th of December at 11.30am during the Biomim’expo Digital Week 2020, the great show of biomimicry and bio-inspired innovations.

How can nature inspire innovations and bring solutions to our contemporary challenges?

You won’t look at nature the same way after participating in the Biomim’expo digital week. You might also be very surprised to see how it can involve many industries and activities.

Aa a great opportunity for the future, biomimicry is in full expansion, at the heart of the new transition in progress. It is also essential to the innovation strategies of many companies, research and innovation centres in:

This event will open your views on the world, giving you new perspectives: researchers, major companies, startups, public institutions, schools, universities, research centres, etc will meet for conferences, talks, panel discussions but also some workshops, demo of products, projects, prototypes, showing who is creating and how.

A week of program that will take many shapes: TV shows, participative workshops, video reportage, photo exhibitions.