The SeaCleaners files complaint against X

On November 20 we announced that, following the discovery of financial irregularities by the Board of Directors, the founder of The SeaCleaners, Yvan Bourgnon, had tendered his resignation as a member of the Board of Directors and a member of the association.

The independent audit carried out to clarify and quantify the damage suffered, and whose final conclusions were presented to the Board of Directors at the beginning of 2024, highlighted serious financial irregularities over the last 3 accounting years. The Board of Directors noted that sums had been committed in the name of the association for private purposes, unrelated to its interests or its own operations.

As soon as they took office, the Board and the new Managing Director set out to identify all irregularities, to do everything in their power to remedy the situation, and to enable the association to carry out its mission serenely, in the general interest and in consideration of the commitment, dedication and colossal amount of work provided by all our volunteers, members, sponsors, partners and employees.

The association was determined to take all the necessary measures, however difficult, to ensure the proper use of the funds entrusted to it, as well as its long-term survival and that of its mission to protect the oceans.

It is in this context that The SeaCleaners filed a complaint against X on February 26, 2024 for aggravated breach of trust.

We have every confidence in the law to determine who is responsible for the irregularities that have led us into a very difficult situation, which we are now overcoming with strength and conviction.

The association reiterates that its sole priority is the selfless implementation of its mission to protect the oceans from plastic pollution. It’s a mission that mobilizes employees, directors, members, volunteers, sponsors and partners who place their trust in us.

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