The SeaCleaners invited to the Senate for a round table on plastic pollution.

The SeaCleaners - Sénat

Wednesday, September 11, The SeaCleaners was invited to a Senate hearing on a study on plastic pollution.
The Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Options, an organism common to both the National Assembly and the Senate, has received a study on plastic pollution from the Committee on Planning and Sustainable Development of the Senate . Philippe Bolo, MP for Maine et Loire, and Angèle Préville, Senator of the Lot, were appointed rapporteurs. They began their first auditions on September 11th, meeting with representatives of  The SeaCleaners, Plastic Odyssey association,  Tara Ocean and Expedition MED.

The objectives of this mission are multiple: to establish a quantitative and qualitative inventory of this pollution, to better understand the risks it poses to the environment and health, and finally to propose solutions both to reduce the production of plastics. but also to eliminate or recycle existing waste.

Given the nature of the Parliamentary Office for the Assessment of Scientific and Technological Options, the two rapporteurs attach particular importance to working closely with scientists to obtain the most accurate data possible and to support their findings and their proposals for unchallenged results within the scientific community.