The SeaCleaners signs the Blue Manifesto.

The SeaCleaners - Blue Manifesto

The SeaCleaners joins key defenders of the marine environment by supporting the Blue Manifesto. The Blue Manifesto is a European plan to save the ocean by 2030 and was launched at the start of the year by major environmental organisations Seas at Risk, BirdLife Europe, ClientEarth, Oceana, Surfrider Foundation Europe and the WWF. 

The plan is signed by more than a hundred NGOs and includes concrete action to precise timescales to end the degradation and pollution of the ocean and coastal areas.

These changes will happen not only at sea, but also on dry land. The NGOs are asking for:

We must act quickly, and Europe can play a key role in tackling this challenge. The recommendations made by the Blue Manifesto will put Europe on the right track for protecting and restoring the ocean, which is more and more endangered and yet so vital for life on Earth.

With its European Green Deal*, the European Commission is committed to implementing real climate and biodiversity strategies that will direct investment and legislation towards an ecologically diverse and climate change resistant future. With the Blue Manifesto, NGOs are calling for the European Commission to put the ocean at the heart of these strategies.

You can join the Blue Manifesto by filling in this form.

To find out more, please see:

The Blue Manifesto (PDF)

The press release

*The European Green Deal is a European Commission programme aiming to make Europe climate neutral by 2050. Its proposed measures promote the effective use of resources by moving to a clean and circular economy, stopping climate change, stopping the loss of biodiversity and reducing pollution. It describes necessary investment and what financial tools are available, and provides for a fair and inclusive transition.