TEHTRIS joins The SeaCleaners

Since the beginning of The SeaCleaners adventure in 2016, many companies have joined the club of our corporate partners, gradually expanding the scope of sectors represented, until reaching about fifteen to date.

TEHTRIS, which has made a three-year commitment to The SeaCleaners, is active in a sector that is at the heart of current events, unknown to the general public and yet fascinating. Their mission? To fight against cyber espionage and cyber sabotage.

TEHTRIS is the world leader in the automatic and non-human neutralization of cyber attacks, thanks to its technology based on artificial intelligence. TEHTRIS works for cyber peace in the world and reduces the risks as much as possible, in order to face the unpredictable.

“Acting for a safer digital world as well as for pollution-free oceans is a necessity for the sustainability of our world. It is in this context that we were seduced by the philosophy of The SeaCleaners and particularly by the Manta project, an innovative, efficient and concrete solution for the collection, analysis and transformation of floating ocean waste. This partnership resonates with the TEHTRIS team, which is sensitive to the protection of the Atlantic coast”, Éléna Poincet and Laurent Oudot, co-founders of TEHTRIS.

In addition to protecting organizations from cybercrime, TEHTRIS is committed to a more sustainable world. The group’s CSR charter is articulated around four pillars: ethics, human rights, responsible purchasing and the environment.

TEHTRIS, based in Bordeaux, is proud to support the development of The SeaCleaners in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, even though the company is active throughout France and internationally.

Present through the numerous actions carried out by our volunteers throughout the region, and recently joined by the Terega Endowment Fund based in Pau, we are pleased to strengthen our presence in New Aquitaine with the arrival of TEHTRIS.