Toulon Rugby Club is tackling plastic pollution

Because they are a wonderful breeding ground for community life, capable of transcending all differences of gender, age, skin color, language or religion, sports organizations have long included their social responsibility in the calculation of their performance. This is particularly true of environmental commitment. Few sports federations, clubs or associations have not already set up a program to involve their players, partners and supporters in protecting the planet. But only a few do it in such a complete and thorough way as the Rugby Club Toulonnais.

Today, The SeaCleaners is proud to partner with the RCT to implement the ocean protection awareness component of this TOP14 pillar!

Signed on November 26th, the TSC x RCT partnership is framed by the Fonds de Dotation Rugby Cœur Toulonnais, which supports the general interest activities of the club. It includes :

  • A program of field actions and awareness to fight against plastic pollution for players and partners of the Club, as well as several hundred young people from vulnerable areas of Toulon;
  • A multi-association waste collection operation in May 2023;
  • The holding of a big conference on the protection of the sea and the oceans which will take place on the occasion of the World Oceans Day 2023. 

For the RCT, acting to preserve the marine environment is both an obvious and a priority. Committed for several years in actions of integration, solidarity and awareness alongside the associative world, it is a maritime club par excellence, anchored in a great European port and the sports standard-bearer of a region whose characteristic is to be above all a maritime facade. It is not for nothing that the jersey of the outdoor matches now pays tribute to the sea bed…

The Big Blue about to be plasticized

However, the Mediterranean Sea, which gives the RCT its character and has built its identity, is particularly threatened by plastic pollution. Concentrations of microplastics are reaching unprecedented levels: 1.25 million fragments per square kilometer. According to estimates, 200 to 600,000 tons of plastic are dumped there every year. It would even contain 4 times more plastic than the 7th continent! This sad record makes it the most polluted sea in the world today.

To reach the goal of zero plastic leakage into nature and protect the Big Blue, the mobilization of all energies is essential. This is where the power of the RCT comes in. By its aura and its communication means, by its capacity to organize popular and media events, the RCT succeeds in federating large communities around the causes it defends.

By putting its tools and skills at the service of the protection of the seas and oceans, the RCT marks the trial with The SeaCleaners to defend the Mediterranean ecosystem.

After our partnership with the Girondins de Bordeaux soccer club, the RCT is the second European sports club that trusts The SeaCleaners to help it in the implementation of its environmental program.