Tribee, the group gifting app that cares for the ocean

You can make people happy while supporting The SeaCleaners!

The story of the association began with the generosity of the public and a first crowdfunding campaign in 2016, the success of which helped to initiate the creation of The SeaCleaners. Today, our supporters are still there, as we have nearly 4,000 donors, and recently members.

We are committed to continuing to open up to innovative donation channels and to giving everyone the opportunity to easily show that they belong to The SeaCleaners family.

Our partner Tribee has developed a solution that allows us to take a new step!

Your sister dreams of that console for her housewarming or your cousin of that parachute jump for his 20th birthday? For several years now, online fundraising has been the most popular tool for this kind of occasion. But what about replacing the traditional commission fees with a donation to an association (at random, The SeaCleaners)? This is what the Tribee platform proposes, offering a fundraising solution where the organizer or the beneficiary chooses an association that will receive 5% of the total amount collected. In short, the operating “costs” for the users are the same as those of a classic platform, but the amount goes to the association of their choice.

To date, several hundred users have already chosen The SeaCleaners for their Tribee money pots!

And since this solution is so successful, it is now possible for companies to offer it internally in a totally personalized way, for the various gifts that punctuate office life.

Finally, if the beneficiary’s friends and family already know about the gift he or she is dreaming of, it is possible to create the Tribee fund directly on the merchant site concerned, if it has already adopted the solution. And always for the benefit of your favorite association, without commission!