Warning: 100% good news in this article!

Fed up with the anxiety-inducing climate and all the bad news when you turn on your television or radio? How about some good news?

Here are our top 3 items of goods news in recent weeks

  • The European Union adopts new rules to reduce packaging waste. The European Parliament and the Council of the EU have agreed to revise EU rules on packaging.
    The law would aim to reduce packaging by 5% by 2030, 10% by 2035 and 15% by 2040.
    In addition to these goals, other measures include an end to packaging for fruit and vegetables, an end to plastic containers for sauces, a ban on everlasting chemicals in food packaging, and a major comeback for deposits across Europe, with a 90% return target for bottles and cans.


  • The world’s largest deep-water coral reef was recently discovered at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, 160 km off the east coast of the United States. This is a major discovery, since the reef covers an area the size of Vermont, or almost 25,000 km². This discovery marks a real turning point in our understanding of marine ecosystems, as it brings to light a previously unexplored underwater habitat, offering new prospects for marine biodiversity.


  • A major expedition off the coast of Chile has revealed some extraordinary discoveries. Researchers from Schmidt Ocean set out to map several underwater areas and discovered more than a hundred new marine species at a depth of 4,500 metres off the coast of Chile. In an area containing several underwater mountain ranges, new species of sea urchins, corals, lobsters and other specimens have been mapped for the first time.


So how do you like good news? 😉



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