Popeye x The SeaCleaners

I Yam A SeaCleaner

Popeye has joined The SeaCleaners’ fight against plastic pollution and serves to raise awareness of their worldwide ocean conservation/clean-up efforts.

Together Popeye and The SeaCleaners are working together to achieve the organization’s goals:

1. Educate others on the importance of plastic pollution
2. Take action on clean-up efforts while developing and widely disseminating scientific knowledge
3. Evolve and mobilize all publics to bring about lasting changes in behavior

Spreading plastic pollution awareness messages to all Popeye fans

Partnerships With Purpose

Von Dutch x Popeye x The SeaCleaners Collab 







Von Dutch and Popeye teamed up to create a custom eco-designed collection in support of The SeaCleaners. Always curated with comfort and design detail in mind, this collaboration focuses on a sustainable line of clothing.

Crafted with raw organic fibers & materials that have been produced per global organic standards, the collection was a hit. It also had support from an organized influencer event which took place in Manhattan Beach. Influencers picked out their favorite pieces and promoted the collab on social media. 


Angry Birds Joins the Fight 

Popeye x Angry Birds Friends Host a Themed, In-App Tournament 

The week long competition included 24 levels of game play and added game messaging by The SeaCleaners. Throughout the 7-day tournament, players were tasked with stopping Bluto and the piggies from polluting while collecting plastic waste in the game. As players advance through the game, they were learning unique and eye-opening facts around how our oceans are impacted by waste.


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