Progress and prospects of marine microplastic research in China

Date of publication 5 August 2019

Authors Li, Daoji; Peng, Guyu; Zhu, Lixin.

Sources Anthropocene Coasts : 2 (DocId: 1) 330–339.



Research on microplastics in China is progressing rapidly. Within recent years, more than 30 research institutes have conducted research on marine microplastic in estuaries, coasts, open sea, and Polar regions. Microplastics have been detected in freshwater systems (lakes, rivers, and wastewater treatment plants) and coastal and marine environments. This paper reviews the research progress of microplastics in China, providing information on topics including the methodology, quantification of microplastics in various habitats, eco-toxicological effect, biodegradation, management, and control of plastic waste and microplastics. This paper discusses the sampling and analysis of microplastic in different media, followed by spatial and temporal distribution of microplastics in marginal seas and coastal and freshwater systems. After summarizing the recent advances on toxicology research and risk assessment of microplastics, this paper provides suggestions for future study to provide baseline information for better risk assessment and improved understanding of the lifecycle of microplastics in the environment.

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