Synthesis and Characterization of Poly-vinyl alcohol Membrane

Date of publication 12 Aug 2019

Authors Khanduri, Priya; Panwar, Varij; Joshi, Alankrita; Panwar, Lokesh Singh.

Sources Second International Conference on Material Science, Smart Structures and Applications (Icmss-2019) : 2201,



In last few years, there has been rise in demand of biodegradable materials as it is belief that by using them waste and pollution can be reduced. Polymer are the backbone of plastics so we are finding an alternative to plastics. Biodegradable materials are used in many fields such as health care, automobiles etc. There has been research going on to make biodegradable material available for use at a low cost. This paper describes the basics of polymers and synthesis of polymer alcohol membrane, characterization of its properties and its future applications. In this paper, polyvinyl alcohol membrane was synthesized by blending distilled water and polyvinyl alcohol membrane together. Characterization of membrane is done by using SEM-analysis, EDX-analysis and dielectric study. The need of biodegradable material in today’s world is reviewed.

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