World CleanUp Day: 2,600 kg of waste collected to round off a committed summer

20 actions carried out, 2,600kg of waste collected, 750 participants: the figures for our actions during this week of World CleanUp Day (September 13 to 17) demonstrate the power of our volunteers, partners and sponsors in the field. A fitting climax to a summer of exceptional mobilization. Many thanks to all of you!

It’s a tradition that volunteers, patrons and teams at The SeaCleaners wouldn’t dream of departing from: taking part in World CleanUp Day, the global day of cleaning up our planet, and competing in courage for a litter-free planet!

Every year, this great gathering is an opportunity to join forces, and join a global mobilization movement that grows from strength to strength.In 2022, over 71 million people in 197 countries and territories took part in WCUD, and collected 325,000 tonnes of waste.

This year, our teams, volunteers and sponsors organized almost twenty waste collection events across France and in Bali to contribute to this collective effort.

A full report on the event will be published on October 13 on the official WCUD website. For our part, we’ve collected all the results from our regional delegations to bring you a full review of the actions carried out by our volunteers and sponsors.

Results of The SeaCleaners mobilization: 750 participants and 2,600 kg of waste collected! Personal record beaten!

The SeaCleaners has been a partner of WCUD for 4 years, and is delighted to see that mobilization in the field continues to grow year after year.

This achievement comes on the back of an unprecedented summer of commitment in the field.

For World Clean-Up Day, 385 students took part in a clean-up operation in Penebel, Bali – Result: 389kg of waste collected in 45 minutes.

133 actions across France this summer

This summer, The SeaCleaners and its valiant volunteers once again demonstrated their unfailing commitment to preserving our oceans and our planet. Through 133 actions carried out throughout France, in collaboration with The SeaCleaners’ regional delegations, our volunteers have left an indelible mark in the fight against marine pollution. We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate them!

In the course of these 133 actions, 24,678 people were made aware of the crucial issues threatening our seas and coasts. Each and every one of these people now has the keys to actively contribute to building a sustainable future. We would like to thank them warmly for their participation this summer.

In July and August, our super volunteers also organized 29 cleanups across France, during which they collected no less than 2,744 kilos of garbage.

We know that the motivation and enthusiasm of our volunteers are essential to our success, and we encourage them to continue to join us in this vital mission. If you’d like to get involved and become part of our passionate team, please visit the “Become a volunteer” section of our website.

The SeaCleaners and its volunteers thank you for your continued support and look forward to meeting the challenges ahead. Together, we can make a difference and preserve the beauty of our seas and planet for future generations.

To take action a step further, and continue to support The SeaCleaners on the ground in Bali, join our crowdfunding campaign to improve sorting management centers in Gili Trawangan and Amed and strengthen local infrastructure by making a donation or launching your own fundraiser!

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