Measuring our impact: 231 reasons to celebrate in the 1st semester 2023!

As the new school year gets underway, our teams and volunteers are back in the field, motivated as ever to take action on land to stem plastic pollution at sea!

Measuring the impact of our actions and showing concrete results is essential to demonstrate that every gesture counts and that together we are an ocean! With this in mind, we have been working hard for several months now to report the results of all the collections, awareness-raising and mobilizations carried out by our employees, volunteers, sponsors and partners, so that we can share precise figures with you and enable us to improve each and every one of our actions.

We are therefore proud to communicate the results of the actions carried out in the first half of the year by the entire The SeaCleaners ecosystem!

And we’re sure that the summer’s actions, the massive mobilization for World Clean Up Day and our forthcoming events, such as Europe’s biggest underwater garbage collection on October 7 in Arcachon, will boost the count for the second half of the year.

Against plastic pollution of aquatic environments, we won’t give up!