Captain Cause: on a mission for the oceans

The studies conducted in recent months have all confirmed this and it is excellent news: the generosity of the French people, both individuals and companies, is on the rise! Stronger environmental concerns, immediate mobilization in response to crises, development of a culture of giving, are all reasons that encourage people to give even more.

But this growth is also due to the diversification of fundraising methods created by and for associations.  At The SeaCleaners, the daily donations of our supporters have financed part of our projects since the beginning of the adventure, and this historical donation channel has gradually been supplemented by rounding off salaries in several companies, in-cash donations offered in various partner stores, solidarity races and sports challenges, generous funding pots, and even pennies collected via committed search engines such as Lilo.

Newcomer in this ecosystem that contributes to simplify and increase generosity tenfold, Captain Cause is the platform that allows to offer pre-funded donations in favor of referenced associations. In concrete terms, the person who receives the gift can use it to support the association of their choice without paying a cent.

For individuals: it’s an opportunity to offer a useful gift and to please committed people, while letting them choose to allocate their donation to the causes they care about the most.

For companies: no more goodies with a limited lifespan and the headache of choosing a unique gift for everyone. Choosing a gift for your employees or clients is the assurance of giving pleasure while adopting a responsible behavior.

And for all the recipients of the gift, it is an original way to discover projects and associations working on environmental, social and health issues.

The SeaCleaners is fortunate enough to be among the associations listed, so you now know how to please your loved ones, clients, partners or employees all year round with this committed gift!

As an added bonus, gift donations to The SeaCleaners will be used to finance the next awareness-raising campaign, which will travel the roads of France this summer for numerous events!