For the end of the year, give less plastic to the oceans

Since its creation, The SeaCleaners has been committed to being a complete actor in the fight against ocean plastic pollution. To do this, we have chosen to take concrete, corrective and preventive action, at sea and on land, to say stop to the waste that is plasticizing our oceans. It is only thanks to YOUR donations that we can carry out our projects. Last line to help the oceans this year!

Your donation contributes 100% directly to The SeaCleaners‘ projects, and is tax-deductible.  By supporting our association before December 31st, you will benefit from a 66% deduction of the amount of your donation on your 2022 income tax.  Your donation of 100€ has a real cost of 34€.  Help us rid the oceans of the waste that suffocates them. This year, give them less plastic! 


Refuse resignation, by acting with us!

Faced with the extent of marine plastic pollution, a certain inertia in international decisions and the acceleration of the production of poorly managed plastic waste, it is easy to give up.  At The SeaCleaners, we refuse resignation, fatalistic or wait-and-see postures. We are pragmatic and try to propose concrete solutions.  We are convinced that the fight will only be won if we all act together, each at our own level, on land and at sea.

A deed is worth a thousand words: the best way to raise awareness is through action.

By supporting us, you choose a voluntary approach: we demonstrate to convince and to multiply the actions on a large scale.

“ We are ambitious to find perfect solutions, to put in place perfect policies. Nobody has that luxury anymore, we have to get to work, we have to make things happen. Come on everybody, let's get to work! ”

Harrison Ford Actor, IUCN World Conservation Congress, September 2021

Acting now is important because :


Since 2017, The SeaCleaners has taken concrete action against the threat of plastic pollution through:

  • The design and development of the MANTA, a pioneering solution to combat marine plastic pollution, an ambassador vessel that will be launched in 2025 to fulfill the association’s missions around the globe
  • The deployment of the MOBULA 8, a multi-purpose clean-up boat designed to act upstream of the oceans, in rivers and calm waters, whose first mission is taking place in Indonesia
  • 742 clean-up campaigns on land, which have collected more than 40 tons of waste
  • Educational programs that have educated and encouraged 1.5 million people to protect the ocean from plastic pollution
  • Participation in more than 50 international scientific conferences 
  • Clean-up and waste recovery projects on land with NGOs in the least developed countries
  • A sustained presence in international bodies to put the fight against plastic pollution on the international diplomatic agenda
  • The commitment of 37 team members, 66 patrons, more than 2300 volunteers and 25 technical partners

Thanks to your donations, we will continue and expand our efforts in 2023!

Thank you to all of you, donors, sponsors, partners and volunteers, for your support!