Stream, clean, repeat : the streamer Tonton cleans the UNIL !

On March 8th, the streamer Tonton participated in a clean-up action at the University of Lausanne, in collaboration with The SeaCleaners and AIESEC.

All united at UNIL!

In 2022, The SeaCleaners was one of the beneficiary associations of the ZEvent 2022. During this crazy weekend, the participating streamers promised their respective communities to achieve incredible challenges for each level reached.
In this context, this Wednesday, March 8, 2023, the community of the streamer Tonton was able to watch him participate in a cleaning operation of the UNIL (University of Lausanne) with the help of the student association AIESEC and The SeaCleaners on his Twitch channel!
Volunteers, a streamer, a great community… it’s the perfect cocktail to spend a nice moment collecting some waste.

Tonton's interview

This ZEvent 2022 was crazy… more than 10 million euros were raised for the ecology! It’s an event that particularly affects young people. According to you, is the future of streaming promising in terms of plastic pollution awareness?
I think first of all that any means of communication can touch. Seeing that streaming is used more and more shows that a change is slowly taking place. Certainly young people are using new platforms like TikTok, Instagram or Twitch a lot. It’s probably a new and good way to raise awareness.
As a streamer, have you ever been confronted with these topics?  
We often talk in the morning during the Just chatting session about various issues related to our planet. So it’s not uncommon to talk about ecology.
Beach clean-ups and clean-ups in general can be hard and exhausting work, but also very rewarding. How do you think your community reacts to your green initiative? 
I’ve had nothing but positive feedback during and after the live clean-up, messages of congratulations, people wanting to get involved. I didn’t expect such feedback for such a simple action. I think they also appreciated the interventions of Milan, committed and factual, which showed well the problems linked to plastic in the world and in our country.
We hope you had a great time and learned a lot about plastic pollution from us and AIESEC. Did you expect to find so much waste in only 1h30/2h in a place like UNIL?  
We often have the image of a very clean Switzerland, and I think it is globally the case. More than the quantity of waste found in itself I was shocked by the type of waste and especially often to see it near garbage cans…
What is the strangest thing you found during this clean-up?  
Probably women’s underwear and a hubcap… !
Do you think it was a difficult action to do?  
Not difficult! But it certainly requires a bit of your time, and not all items are necessarily tasty to pick up. It’s better to have a good pair of gloves.
Do you have a message for your community?  
First of all, I thank them for their support. I also hope that by such actions in stream, we could arouse their curiosity or their interest for this kind of cause!


Thank you Tonton for these answers and of course GG* to UNIL for the welcome and to AIESEC for the collection!

Did you think we were only organizing a collection after this great ZEvent 2022? Of course not, but be patient, the rest is coming… Stay tuned ! 🤫

*good game