The SeaCleaners approved 1% For The Planet

The SeaCleaners is an accredited member of the 1% For the Planet network, a scheme whose principle is simple: member companies undertake to donate 1% of their turnover to the environmental association of their choice.

Today, only 9% of the world’s philanthropy is directed towards environmental protection. This is not enough! The mission of 1% For the Planet is to increase environmental philanthropy and thus the impact of the actions carried out by environmental protection associations by facilitating their fundraising.
 Thanks to its accessible operation, the organization has raised $360 million worldwide for environmental causes since its creation in 2002, and today addresses 6,000 companies and 5,000 associations in 60 countries. This initiative, which originated in the United States, where the charitable culture is very present among individuals as well as companies, is now aimed at organizations around the world.

1% may be a detail for you, but for us it means a lot.

The gesture and the percentage might seem small but have a strong impact on the supported structures. Above all, this system has the advantage of adapting to the financial capacities of all organizations, putting the efforts of a self-employed entrepreneur and a multinational on an equal footing. This is a principle that we at The SeaCleaners are very attached to, because as we recently explained, there is no such thing as a small gesture. And for small organizations, it is also a guarantee that they will be supported in what is generally their first corporate donation initiative. To date, small and medium-sized businesses represent 94% of the French members of 1% For the Planet.

How does it work?

Companies that decide to commit to this approach send their donation to the association of their choice and then, at the end of the fiscal year, send the corresponding tax receipt and their balance sheet to the organization, which thus validates the 1% proportion and certifies the company. The company can then proudly display the 1% For the Planet communication tools. It is also possible to make a direct contribution to the organization, which collects donations that are not earmarked by companies each year, in order to redistribute them during dedicated events . Finally, it is also possible to donate your 1% in kind or skills, up to half of the total value, the other half having to be a financial donation.

Thanks to our 2022 supporters!

In 2022, we were lucky enough to be supported by companies such as Textiss, known for its Freegun brand, Utopya, which manufactures spare parts to extend the life of electronics, or W2P Digital, our web agency without which this page would not exist! We take this opportunity to thank them once again for their commitment to us.

Want to be next?

The SeaCleaners is an approved 1% For The Planet association. You can make a donation on our website or by contacting us, specifying that it is a 1% donation, and then provide the organization with the necessary documents to be certified and obtain all the communication tools to promote your commitment to your employees, clients and partners.
 You can also use our dedicated page on the HelloAsso platform.
The more the number of companies increases, the stronger the environmental impact will be. Join the movement!

Discover 1% For The Planet in video

Discover 1% For The Planet in video