VIDEO – Volunteering with The SeaCleaners

Clean-ups, of course. But also awareness-raising operations in a variety of contexts. Educational initiatives in schools, extra-curricular activities or at our corporate partners' sites. Stands at music festivals. Partnerships with aquariums. Jean-Michel, Anne-Sophie and Lou give us an insight into the diversity of life within a regional volunteer delegation of The SeaCleaners. And they remind us that volunteering is first and foremost an incredibly rich human experience.

Volunteering with The SeaCleaners: They tell us.

Live from L’Armada de Rouen 2023, meet Jean-Michel (regional delegate), Anne-Sophie (volunteer) and Lou (volunteer coordinator for France with The SeaCleaners), who talk to us about the activities of the Hauts-de-France delegation and, more generally, about their volunteer commitment and what drives them.

Being a volunteer at The SeaCleaners