Ponce and Shaunz : 2 streamers, 2 clean-ups

IRL meet-ups with plastic pollution for streamers Ponce and Shaunz.

After Tonton’s clean-up in Lausanne, it’s now the turn of streamers Ponce and Shaunz to honor their ZEvent 2022 goal donation by embarking on their first clean-up adventure with The SeaCleaners!

Last year, The SeaCleaners was one of the beneficiaries of ZEvent 2022. During this wild weekend, committed streamers made promises to their loyal communities to take on exceptional challenges for every donation level reached.

This was the case for Ponce and Shaunz, who both challenged us to organize clean-up actions !

Ponce cleans the 3 Digues beach

On June 1, Ponce, accompanied by his friend (also a streaker) Ultia and a few of his relatives, took part in a clean-up operation in collaboration with The SeaCleaners.

It was a joyous moment, full of exchanges and sharing, marked not only by joint efforts to clean up the environment, but also by a real willingness from the streamer and his friends to raise awareness and inform his community about plastic pollution. Questions abounded about plastic waste washed ashore, its ecological impact, everyday eco-gestures, erroneous beliefs… Several dozen kilos of waste were collected, helping to preserve the marine ecosystems of Plage des 3 Digues in Sète.

Some of the waste was even…. unexpected.

We’ll let you find out how it all turned out!

Beach clean-up with The SeaCleaners and friendz !

We clean-up a beach with The SeaCleaners and friends! (in French)

Shaunz and his community at Bois de Vincennes

On June 17, Shaunz organized a memorable clean-up with The SeaCleaners in the Bois de Vincennes. He invited his community to join him for a clean-up day dedicated to getting rid of all the garbage in the park!
Super-motivated and equipped with their best garbage can bags and gloves, Shaunz and his community collected over 20 kilos of garbage, making a real difference to the preservation of the flora and fauna of the Bois de Vincennes, one of the capital’s two green lungs. Between moments of sharing and awareness-raising, we say: GG* to everyone for this commitment!

*GG: good game

Would you like to take part in a clean-up and join The SeaCleaners team of volunteers?

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