The story goes on with the Belem ship!

For the second year in a row, The SeaCleaners is joining the crew of the Belem to raise awareness among a wide audience on land and at sea.

On the strength of the excellent feedback from our first year of partnership, we are extending our joint activities with the Caisse d’Epargne Belem Foundation for a year that will be doubly charged with emotions for the emblematic French three-masted ship: she will have just completed a historic renovation of her hull (with replacement of the entire engine block) and she will have the immense honor of carrying the Olympic Flame from Greece to Marseilles, on the occasion of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games! Congratulations to the Belem’s teams for this epic journey rich in symbols, which promises to be…. well, Homeric!

The program for this new season of the TSC x Belem partnership includes training sessions for the crew, scientific conferences and awareness-raising activities during several stopovers in France and abroad.

In August and September, the teams of our Awareness Hub will embark twice on board the Belem, in order to offer daily awareness sessions to the ship’s trainees. It is indeed possible for navigation enthusiasts to embark on a four-day training course at sea on the most prestigious and historic of training ships. It is within this framework that we will have the opportunity to raise awareness of the preservation of the oceans, biodiversity and the fight against plastic pollution.

The first of these two sessions will take place between two Mediterranean ports, before the Belem sets sail for Barcelona, which hosts the headquarters of The SeaCleaners España. The ship is a prestigious ambassador for France during its foreign calls, so we are particularly proud to offer a lecture by our Scientific Director! Other conferences open to the public will also be offered on board the ship during other stopovers, in Nantes and Marseille.

Finally, for the general public, The SeaCleaners will offer its own awareness-raising program on the quayside during five of the Belem’s stops at renowned nautical events in Nantes, Rouen, Bordeaux, Port-Vendres and Toulon. On these occasions, visitors who come to discover the Belem will be able to take part in quizzes and animations designed by The SeaCleaners, talk to our volunteers, follow a dedicated route thanks to the children’s awareness booklet, etc. Prizes will be available to be won along the way.

Since 1986, the Belem Foundation has enabled nearly 50,000 people to sail aboard the Belem and 1,500,000 people to visit her. We are eager to return to the Belem’s public and to continue our awareness missions in new countries thanks to this partnership!



Recap of the events TSC X Belem

Scientific conferences :

  • June 1-4 Nantes (exact date to be confirmed)
  • August 29 Barcelona
  •  October 9 Marseille

Awareness-raising devices on the quay:

  •         June 1-4: Nantes, Débord de Loire Festival
  •         June 10-18: Rouen, Armada
  •         June 23-25: Bordeaux Wine Festival
  •         September 2-3: Port-Vendres, Bicentennial
  •         October 21-24: Toulon

Awareness courses :

  •        August 20-24: Cadiz (Spain) / Ibiza (Spain)
  •        September 4-7: Port-Vendres / Ajaccio