When Kids talk to kids – Discover the new educational film “A World of Plastic”

The SeaCleaners teams, in collaboration with the NGO Choisis ta Planète, are releasing "A World of Plastic", an educational short film where the heroes are children. Because who better than kids to raise awareness among their friends? Available for free, this film raises awareness among children between the ages of 7 and 12 about plastic pollution and the preservation of the oceans.

“Do you think fish swallow plastic too?”

In “A World of Plastic”, our four heroes, Zélie, Juliette, Sami and Gabin, explore the beach in search of treasures. Discovering a lot of plastic waste, they decide to understand where it comes from, what is its impact on marine animals and how to avoid this pollution. Their adventure promises to shake up the harbor master, the fishermen, the veterinarian, the researcher and the sailor…

What makes it so special? Neither documentary nor reportage, “A World of Plastic” is a humoristic fiction. This original approach makes the short film a unique tool in the toolbox available to teachers in the context of Education for Sustainable Development programs for the Ocean and the Seas.

Shot in July 2022, between Brittany and Loire-Atlantique, this 18-minute film was the result of an incredible mobilization of amateur actors, local partners (Maison Glaz in Gavres, Le Centre Marceau and the Valentin sailing school in Batz-sur-Mer, the Océarium and the harbour master’s office in Le Croisic) and volunteers committed to the environment and the dissemination of knowledge.

The film is produced by the NGO Choisis Ta Planète, a specialist in audiovisual education, which has now made 26 short films in 8 countries, enabling schoolchildren to understand how our planet works and to take action to preserve it.

The film won the Silver Trophy at the Deauville Green Awards 2023 international responsible film festival.


“Each short fiction is a great adventure that fills the gap of accessible tools for teachers and fights against children's eco-anxiety.”

Pierre-Antoine Carpentier Founder, Choisis Ta Planète

How can I see the movie?

Intended for teachers, the film is intended to be used in class as a teaching aid. Other resources can be downloaded from our Teachers’ Area to complement and continue the teaching.

If you wish to broadcast the film, send an email to education@theseacleaners.org describing your educational project. Our team will send you the link to view the film.